Nine Skills Every Social Media Manager Must Have

When hiring a social media manager, you need to make sure that the professional has an effective mix of tangible skills to make sure that they can succeed:

  1. Content Creation: Social media manager should know what kind of content that is preferred by the audience. They should know how to manage content creation and release an interesting form of information that can be used as posts or tweets.
  2. Design Graphics: The manager should have a good sense of art and know what kind of design that can make the brand stand out in the social media scene.
  3. Public Speaking: The manager may need to regularly appear in videos to better engage with the audience. The person needs to have good confidence in front of the audience.
  4. Customer Service: Social media offers an opportunity to provide excellent customer service experience. The manager should be able to utilize that.
  5. Public Psychology: The social media manager should know why the audience is attracted to certain social media posts. Excellent public psychology knowledge may even produce a few viral posts.
  6. Analytics: The manager needs to have a good understanding on both social media and business metrics. They know how to increase favourable metrics and reduce unfavourable ones.
  7. Budgeting: Social media marketing can be expensive when improperly controlled. A good budgeting skill will keep the project efficient.
  8. Adaptability: Social media and business world are changing, so managers need to have excellent adaptation skills.
  9. Business Savviness: Business-savvy managers can see the bigger picture in social media scene and ensure long-term success.

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