How to Hire a Social Media Manager?

There are different characteristics that can make a social media manager great. Social media management has become a new career path for many professionals. Here are ways to define excellent social media managers:

  1. They Know How to Curate Great Content: Curation is a time consuming task and it is a cornerstone to many social media tasks. They know how to do this properly to save time, such as curating content in batches.
  2. They Have Endless Ideas: When using social media for marketing purposes, we need to post regularly, preferably a few times each day. This could cause us to run out of post ideas. Social media managers must know what’s going on in the industry to continuously come up with post ideas.
  3. They use Swipe Files: Swipe files are essential digital marketing assets and it takes time to accumulate them. They are proven and tested advertising materials, such as frameworks, graphics and headlines that will work in many conditions.
  4. They Listen to Everything on Social Media: Effective social media managers listen to what’s going on in social media. They keep their ears and eyes open for things that users say about their brands and products, so their companies can make improvements.
  5. They Know How to Build Relationships: Social media is about interacting and maintaining relationships with many people to ensure good business operations. A network of relationships needs to be expanded to boost business growth and improve sales.
  6. They Know How to Collaborate with Team Members: Social media management is a task that needs to be handled by a qualified team, due to the scale of the workload and its importance to business operations. Managers should schedule regular meetings for brainstorming and coordinating tasks.
  7. They Always Focus on Tests: Social media managers are always driven by good metrics as indicators that they are doing things properly. Tests are essential because social media is a dynamic platform and what’s working well today may have mediocre results tomorrow. Managers should know what variables to test constantly.
  8. They Know How to Measure and Analyze Metrics: Managers should be analytical and they can draw actionable information to make constant improvements. They should know what the most essential metrics are and what tools to be used to make the proper measurement and analysis.
  9. They Create Documents of all Processes: Social media has become an increasingly complex platform and coming up with a successful social media post requires a number of factors. With proper documentation, it would be easier to repeat successful curation, creation and publishing processes.
  10. They use Task Automation: Social media management requires you to do a lot tasks and if managers want to be more efficient, they need to automate tasks.

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