Social Media Manager

Social media manager assist in creating unique and compelling social media marketing strategies and also help in proper execution of those marketing campaigns. Social media manager help clients in managing social media campaigns, content development, content strategy, brand awareness, community development, community engagement, increasing traffic using social media and help in increasing sales. Social media manager must be proficient in using various social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. Its always best if you hire a dedicated social media manager so that you can get best social media management services.

Our social media managers can manage your social presence on all main social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus, Pinterest etc. If you are also looking for frequent updates on your account to help build interaction and insight within your profiles then we are here for that also.

We have a team of social media managers who can manage your social media accounts. If you are looking for a social media manger who can look after your social media marketing campaigns then please fill form and one of our team member will get back to you within 12 working hours.

Duties of Social Media Manager

  • Update social media channels daily.
  • Maintaining social networks and try to increase new audience.
  • Assist in content creation and guide content writers to write contents for blog and social media channels.
  • Create and publish posts for blogs and use photos and creative content which can be shared over social media.
  • Maintain contact database so that data base can be used in email marketing or sending periodic emails or newsletter.
  • Prepare and send online newsletter on time to time basis to subscribers.
  • Prepare a SEO and Local SEO plan and organize online promotion & marketing activities.
  • Helps on planning e-mail campaigns and online promotion.
  • Contact bloggers and other social media influencers for collaborations and promotions.
  • Seek, analyze and compare competitor marketing and prepare online marketing strategies.
  • Assisting on building a community keeping company mission and goals in mind.
  • Use social media to increase audience and try to increase engagement.
  • Engaging with users on the platform to build trust with the product or brand.
  • Share post photos to Instagram and other main outlets.

A social media manager can do many more services but above duties covers a lot and sufficient in starting.