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Client Requirement: Need some help developing and maintaining a presence on social media with the goal of selling fine art online. In addition, or perhaps in coordination with developing qualified email contacts.

Please Note: This package is curated especially for, based on client needs, requirements and budget. We can further expand our marketing activities but for now, in starting this package is more than sufficient in showcasing art over the web.

Growth Accelerator

Audience Expansion
$ 300
Suitable for Growing Businesses
Customized Package

Package Details

  • Platform: 5 platforms
  • Weekly 20+ Posts / Monthly 80+ posts
  • 4 LinkedIn posts per week / 16 posts per month.
  • 4 Facebook posts per week / 16 posts per month.
  • 4 Twitter tweets per week / 16 posts per month.
  • 4 Instagram posts per week / 16 posts per month.
  • 4 Pinterest posts per week / 16 posts per month.
  • Social Account Setup
  • Cover / Featured Image Update

Other Tasks Included in Above Packages.

  1. Profile creation over social media accounts.
  2. Optimizing business page/profile.
  3. Content creation as per selected package (50% text & 50% graphics) % of text & images can vary depending upon what we have to promote. 
  4. Tweets / ReTweets in Between posts several times a month. 
  5. Promotion of the main website, brand, or products (on a weekly basis, in between updates).
  6. Addition of # & @ tags wherever possible.
  7. Follow user accounts with Followers.
  8. Addition of User Contents (in case you like to share something).
  9. Open communication with people who have an interest in art and try to showcase art.

What we need from your side?

  1. Subscribe using the above button and send us the below details.
  2. Login details of all social media channels if accounts created.
  3. If accounts are not created, simply let us know and we create it for you.
  4. Marketing or promotional materials you like to share with us.
  5. In the case of we pick art and description and start sharing art over social media channels (mentioning and promoting in between every post).

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