Duties of Social Media Manager

  • Update social media channels daily.
  • Maintaining social networks and try to increase new audience.
  • Assist in content creation and guide content writers to write contents for blog and social media channels.
  • Create and publish posts for blogs and use photos and creative content which can be shared over social media.
  • Maintain contact database so that data base can be used in email marketing or sending periodic emails or newsletter.
  • Prepare and send online newsletter on time to time basis to subscribers.
  • Prepare a SEO and Local SEO plan and organize online promotion & marketing activities.
  • Helps on planning e-mail campaigns and online promotion.
  • Contact bloggers and other social media influencers for collaborations and promotions.
  • Seek, analyze and compare competitor marketing and prepare online marketing strategies.
  • Assisting on building a community keeping company mission and goals in mind.
  • Use social media to increase audience and try to increase engagement.
  • Engaging with users on the platform to build trust with the product or brand.
  • Share post photos to Instagram and other main outlets.

A social media manager can do many more services but above duties covers a lot and sufficient in starting.